Upcoming Events 2024-2023

Photo by Nell Campbell

August 7, Performance Ladies Social Strumming Club details TBA

August 4, Featured reading at Goleta Public Library, 2-4pm

June 9-14, Santa Barbara Writers Conferencw

June 6, Typewriter Poetry First Thursday, Santa Barbara in front of Old Navy 5-8 pm

May 21 Batalla de Libros, Zoom SBCOE event 9:30-10:30 am

May 21 Poetry Walk at the Farmers Market, Canon Perdido and State Street 4-6 pm

May 18, Ekphrastic Poetry: Ruth Leaf architectural foundation of Santa Barbara 1-4 pm

May 18, Ladies Social Strumming Club, Farmers Market 10:30 am

April 20, Poetry in the Parks, Alhecama Theatre, 1-4 pm, music and poetry at our sate park, El Presidio at the Alhecama Theatre.

April 18, Writing in the Galleries, write poetry with Melinda Palacio at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Thursday 5:30-7 pm

April 17, Rotary Club SB@Mulligan’s

April 13, Lompoc Library Features City of Santa Barbara Poet Laureate, Melinda Palacio at 1pm

April 8, Santa Barbara Literary Journal Volume 10: Reading at Chaucer’s, features seven poets laureate, Monday 6-7:45, Chaucer’s Books 3321 State Street, Santa Barbara CA 93105

April, 4, Poetry Passages launch, front terrace of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 5-6:30 pm.

March 6-20 Ukulele Safari, Kenya Africa

February 20, UC Davis, Zoom Poetry Lecture on Bird Forgiveness, 3:05-4:15 pm

February 5, Vista Del Monte Retirement Community, Poetry and Music, 3-4 pm, 3775 Modoc Road, Santa Barbara

January 29, Bishop Diego High School 8:20 am, Honors Bilingual class visit

January 23, UCSB Zoom Poetry Lecture, 60 students

January 19-21 Camarillo Ukulele Retreat

January 18, County Arts Council, 4pm, Poet Laureate Presentation

January 15, MLK Poetry Awards Presentation and Sojourner Memorial


January, 14 Poetry and Music, Santa Maria Public Library 2pm





December 9, Hospice Light Up a Life, Carpinteria

December 6, Hospice Light Up a Life Poem, Montecito

November 30, UCSB Class Visit and Workshop

November 16, Multicultural Center, UCSB

November 14, Poetry Out Loud, Santa Maria

November 12, Gunpowder Press Reading 2:30 pm, Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara

Cobalt Zoom Reading

November 7, Poetry Super Highway Zoom reading

October 28, Louisiana Book Festival, Baton Rouge

October 22, Día de Los Muertos Family Day at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Poetry and Music performance 1:15-1:35, 2:15-2:35, and 3:15-3:35

October 21, SBCEO’s 71st annual Breakfast with the Authors, 9:30 am  to 12:30 pm

October 7, Poetry Buffet book party at the Latter Library in New Orleans 2pm

October 3, Odes Poetry Workshop, SBPL, Faulkner Gallery, 6-7:30 pm

September 28, SBEF Luncheon MC, noon,

September 23-24, L.A. Uke Fest

September 22, Poetry Panel for Friends of the Library, Faulkner Gallery, SBPL 6-8 pm

September 21, Writing in the Galleries. Santa Barbara Museum of Art Workshop, 5:30 pm

September 16, East Public Library, Santa Barbara 50th Birthday Party, Noon

September 11, Library On-the Go Van at Brass Bear Uptown Santa Barbara 5pm Poetry and Songs

September 10 Poetry for Perla Batailla’s concert at the Marjorie Luke Theater, 6pm Free

September 7, First Thursday Poetry Event, Interactive Typewriter Poems: On Demand Poetry with five local poets, State Street in front of Old Navy, 5-8 pm.

September 2, WNBA Poetry Buffet Zoom, noon.

August 25, Santa Barbara Writers Symposium, Friday 6:30-8:00pm La Cumbre mall, Santa Barbara

August 19, East Side Public Library, Santa Barbara 10am-noon

August 17, Music and Poetry Shoreline Park Reading with the SBPL on the go van, 11 am to 1  pm, Santa Barbara, Ca. Keyt clip of the event.

Local poet laureate leaves heartfelt mark with Library On the Go’s “Poetry in the Park”

August 13, Flor y Canto at Casa Sedano, Pasadena CA (private event)

July 16, the Maple Leaf Bar Poetry Series, New Orleans

My Poems as part of The Dichotomy of Laundry Exhibit

July 7, The Dichotomy of Laundry Poems. Ekphrastic Poetry Reading for Colleen Kelly’s art show. Opening Reception Silo 118 Gallery, 118 Gray Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA.  5-7pm.

July 1, Farmers Market busking performance with the Lady Strummers

June 24, Solstice Parade

June 23: Be Your Own Best Publicist Workshop with Lida Sideris  9 am Santa Barbara Writers Conference

June 21: Garden Songs: Poetry and Music with Melinda Palacio, Santa Barbara Poet Laureate, 10:30-11:30, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden in the courtyard. This experience is free and open to all.

June 20, Poetry Reading with SK Rolle at Pacifica 6:30 pm

June 20 Poetry Reading for Perie Longo, SBWC 9 am

June 18-23, The Santa Barbara Writers Conference

June 10, La Plaza Cultural, TCP authors 2pm

June 8, Youth Summit on Identity at the SBMCA

June 1st Thursday 6pm: The Laureate Series: featuring California Poet Laureate Lee Herrick, Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Melinda Palacio, Youth Poet Laureate Madeline Miller, and special guest Solange Aguilar, June 1st at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA

May 15, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Poetry Pairing with Women’s Literary Voices

May 4, Santa Barbara County Education Poetry Slam

April 29-30, Santa Barbara Earth Day Celebration

April 8, Poetry Without Borders, Poesia Sin Fronteras, a one-day poetry festival in New Orleans, Cafe Instanbul, 2372 Saint Claude, New Orleans, 2-7 pm

April 18, Poet Laureate Induction at City Hall SBApril 18, Santa Barbara Poet Elects its 10th Poet Laureate, 2pm City Hall, 735 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA

April 8, Poetry Without Borders, Poesia Sin Fronteras, a one-day poetry festival in New Orleans, Cafe Instanbul, 2372 Saint Claude, New Orleans, 2-7 pm

April  1, Poetry Buffet, zoom event